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How we see
the world

How we see
the world

We have a vision
for the future where:

Tomorrow, the world’s largest school will be a software company — its learning engine will use artificial intelligence to provide personalized learning materials digitally anytime anywhere, no physical space necessary. Similar to what Apple did to the music industry by launching iTunes, all students can now download any content for a super low price. Tuition will drop significantly.  No more student debts.  Kids can finally focus on learning and not just getting an education.

Tomorrow, the world’s largest bank will be a software company — All financial transactions will be digital. If you want to talk to a banker live, just text or video conference him or her.  Embedded fintech software will now power all industries you can imagine.  No need to print physical money.  All money flow will be stored, traceable and secured on a blockchain ledger.

Tomorrow, the world’s largest grocery store will be a software and robotic company — all groceries will be delivered whenever, wherever we want as fast as possible.  Food will be delivered by robots or drones with no human involvement. Customers can track where, when and who are involved in growing and handling my food.  The concept of physical grocery stores will be so in 2020.

Tomorrow, the world’s largest hospital will be a software and robotic company   all initial diagnoses will be performed via video conferencing.  Combined with patient medical records all digitally stored, a doctor in San Francisco and his artificial intelligence assistant can provide personalized prescriptions to his patients in Hong Kong.  All surgical procedures will be performed by robots with supervision by a doctor of course. And even the doctors get to work from home.

Tomorrow, our entire workforce will work from home — Don’t forget the main purpose of an office is to support companies’ workers in performing their jobs efficiently. Since 2020, all companies and especially their CEOs realized it was more efficient to let their workers work from home. Not only they can save hours of commute time. All companies get to save money on office space and shift resources towards employee benefits. I can’t wait to look back 10 years from now and say to ourselves, I still remember those days when office space was a thing.

Tomorrow, the world’s largest entertainment company will be a software company  all content we love will be digital.  All blockbuster movies will be released digitally to home.  We can ask Alexa to deliver Popcorn to the house.  We can even watch the film with our friends from far far away. If you see something you like in the movie, you can even buy any clothing and objects you see in the movie and get it delivered right to your house.  No more standing in line.  No commute time.  Reduced pollution. Better planet!

These are just a few example of industries that we believe will become completely transformed through technology, and we believe all products, goods, and services will ultimately be improved through software.